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10 Actors Whose Bad Behavior Changed the Course of a Show

What happens when an opinionated actor doesn’t work well with other cast members and staff? Often, it results in a lot of behind-the-scenes fighting. Take this list of 10 TV shows, for example, which all went through changes after a cast member continuously fought with other actors, writers, and even producers. It often doesn’t work out great for the disagreeable actor, either. In fact, character write-offs and immediate firings often ensue shortly after.

Curious about shows that have been disrupted by behind-the-scenes fighting? Here’s a list of 10 shows that had to adjust when an actor just couldn’t get along with, well, anyone.

1. Chevy Chase and Community 

Community, Chevy Chase

Community, Chevy Chase Chevy Chase on Community | NBC

Chevy Chase and Community creator, Dan Harmon had several very public fights during Chase’s time on the show. What Culture says the first dispute started at one of the show’s wrap-up parties, where Harmon said some unkind things about Chase in front of his friends and family (note: Chase has a reputation for being a somewhat difficult person to work with). Things quickly escalated from there. Chase left Harmon an intense voicemail, cursing him out, which led to very obvious tension during shooting.

While filming the show’s Season 3 finale, Chase actually walked off the set, putting the entire episode in jeopardy. As a result, the Community cast was unable to film certain scenes due to time constraints. By then, Harmon had had it. He left the show at the end of the third season. Chase only stuck around for one more season, leaving at the end of the fourth season. After his departure, Harmon then resumed his show-running duties for the show’s fifth season.

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