10 All-New 2018 Models Worth Waiting For

Call us greedy, but the 2017 models already old news. We know what they are, what they look like, and how they drive. They may be brand new, but they’re already old news! We want to know what’s next, so we’re looking to 2018 to see what the next big thing could be. And the great part is, there won’t be just one blockbuster in ’18, there could be 10.

The 2018 model year is a big changeover year for the industry. Veteran nameplates will get redesigns, all-new models based on popular concept cars are slated to debut, and a few icons will return to see if they can cut it in the 21st century. If 2017 is the last stand for a number of competitive models, next year represents the next great leap.

The current trend of more power, greater fuel economy, and better technology will continue, and these new models will make some cars from the past five years now feel ancient. Before they first roll into your local dealerships, check out these 10 2018 models.

1. Ford Bronco

1974 Ford Bronco

1974 Ford Bronco 1974 Ford Bronco | Ford

We’re cheating here (it’ll likely be a 2019 model), but we’ll be getting our first glimpse of the all-new Ford Bronco in 2018.

Yes, after a two-decade hiatus, the Bronco is coming back, but a lot is still up in the air. Will it be a true Jeep Wrangler Unlimited fighter, or a cushy SUV that’s more in line with the current Ford lineup? We won’t know until Ford pulls the wraps off the car in the next few months. But we hope that it’s the rock crawler we all want.

Next: This truck goes hand-in-hand with the Bronco. 

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