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10 Awesome Cars We Wish We Had in America

Source: Holden Australia

The U.S. makes some pretty bonkers automobiles. Some ridiculously good ones, too, like the Tesla Model S, Cadillac CTS-V, or the new Ford Mustang. As one of the world’s largest auto markets, it’s easy to forget that we also live without some awesome cars.

Many regions — Europe, especially — have flourishing enthusiast communities that automakers are more than happy to supply with toys. However, due to factors like emissions standards, safety regulations, or simply a lack of a strong business case, many of these cars don’t see American shores. And that’s a great pity.

So while America has some great stalwarts to fall back on, there are still many vehicles we wish we were afforded the opportunity to indulge in. For trucks and SUVs, we’re pretty well covered. For sports cars, we’re pretty much there. Wagons and hatches? Not so much.

Genuine enthusiast cars? Yes and no, depending on whom you talk to. We took the liberty of trying to fill in some of the gaps in the American market. Check out what we came up with, and hop over to our Facebook page and let us know how we did.