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10 Bad Habits You Should Never Do in a Job Interview

First impressions count, especially during a job interview. You have roughly 30 seconds or less to make a strong first impression. (Some experts even say you have as little as a tenth of a second.) Don’t ruin your chances of snagging a new job before you even open your mouth. Certain moves might work well on the dance floor, but they won’t help you when you’re one-on-one with a potential boss.

We all have bad habits, but when the stakes are high, such as during a job interview, it matters a lot more. The first step to reducing the impact of these habits is to become aware of them. Fortunately, we’re here to help you recognize some of the ways you may be sabotaging your job hunt.

Are you ruining your chances of getting a new job without even realizing it? Here are 10 bad habits that can kill your chances in a job interview.

1. Fidgeting

nervous stressed young woman

nervous stressed young woman Keep the face touching, hand wringing, and nail biting to a minimum. | iStock.com/SIphotography

Do you typically touch your hair, wring your hands, or tap your feet during a stressful situation? It makes sense if you’re nervous. During an interview, you’re basically being judged in a short amount of time by strangers who hold the future of your career in their hands (at least your future at that company). No one likes to be judged, so this discomfort will likely manifest as nervous energy throughout your body. However, roughly 32% of hiring managers polled for a Career Builder survey said this is one of the top body language mistakes candidates make.

So how can you stop moving around in your seat? For starters, if you’re a coffee drinker (or regularly drink caffeinated beverages), do yourself a favor and lay off the caffeine the day of your interview. Instead, try a soothing decaffeinated cup of tea. You could also try lacing your fingers and resting them in your lap if you tend to be overly animated or have a habit of wringing your hands.

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