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10 Best Part-Time Jobs For People Who Love Flexibility

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Sometimes, our full-time gigs just aren’t cutting it. We may earn a decent salary, but simply don’t bring in enough income to cover all the bases. In these cases, looking for part-time jobs or flexible side gigs can be the best course of action. Part-time jobs come in all shapes and forms, and whether you’re looking for a one-day-per-week arrangement or even something that you can do from home on an occasional basis, there are tons of opportunities out there. And many even pay pretty well.

Of course, the economy is becoming more and more dependent on part-time jobs to pick up some of the economic slack that still exists a full seven years after the last recession. Part-time work isn’t always ideal, but for those who do need some extra hours or second stream of income, part-time jobs are the way to go.

The best part-time jobs

While part-time work comes in almost every imaginable form, as mentioned, some jobs are clearly better than others. When taking a part-time job, you’ll want to make sure that you’re not making yourself miserable, and also earning a decent wage. To help sift through it all, CareerCast recently released a list of 10 part-time jobs that pay well enough and offer room for growth.

Spanning several different sectors, here are the 10 part-time jobs that CareerCast says will expand in coming years, offering more and more people the ability to supplement their income with another revenue stream.

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