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10 Biggest Dangers to Motorcyclists on the Road

Paul Kane/Getty Images

Paul Kane/Getty Images Paul Kane/Getty Images

Riding a motorcycle can be a lot of fun, but it’s also dangerous. A lot of it has to do with inexperience, but it’s not always inexperienced riders who end up in the hospital. Just last week, a friend of mine who has been riding for ten years without incident found out the hard way that it’s not a matter of if you wreck but how long it will be until you wreck your bike.

You can’t avoid every accident, but keeping your eyes up and paying attention to the road will help you spot threats and make better decisions no matter what is happening. As a rider, make sure you’re focusing on these 10 risks to your own safety.

1. Oncoming traffic

Maybe a driver is texting on his cell phone. Maybe a driver is eating a burrito. Maybe a driver is just daydreaming. It doesn’t matter what causes it, but all it takes to cause a serious wreck is for one driver to drift into the other lane.

A driver doesn’t even need to hit a rider directly since even being clipped by an oncoming car can knock a rider from his bike. Sadly, keeping a constant eye on traffic and riding like everybody is out to kill you is the only way to minimize your risk of colliding with oncoming traffic.

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