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10 Biggest Reasons Why People Hate Car Dealerships

Toyota FJ Land Cruiser on display

Toyota FJ Land Cruiser on display Toyota FJ Land Cruiser on display | Micah Wright/ Autos Cheat Sheet

My favorite crazy uncle once said that he’d “rather go skinny dipping in a jellyfish swarm than visit the local car dealership for anything,” and for as ludicrous as that may have sounded at the time, in retrospect he would probably have done it if the chips were down. We can’t really blame the old geezer either, and since most buyers aren’t hip to the art of outsmarting car dealerships, we can picture a large portion of the American public opting to do the same.

Naturally, there are plenty of dealerships out there that are trying to dissolve the stereotypes of sterile environments, shady salesmen, and unnecessary pressure, but unfortunately many of the old stigmas seem to stick. Pushy salesmen still prowl used car lots, spawning in low-lying marsh areas under the full moon before unfairly forcing buyers to buy a crappy car for all the wrong reasons.

Having said that, not all car salesmen are out to fleece everyone, and with companies like Lexus orchestrating “no haggle” pricing, purchasing pressure has begun to abate to an extent. Physically, the car dealership itself is changing as well, with the luxurious aspirations serving as fodder for leather couches, big screen theater rooms, full espresso bars, and on premise eateries that serve things like panini sandwiches and freshly squeezed lemonade.

But we’re still a ways away from seeing swanky sales environments becoming the norm, and currently only a handful of auto dealers offer these kinds of amenities. That means most of us are left sitting in uncomfortable plastic waiting chairs, as we sip cheap cups of coffee in tiny Styrofoam cups, while a shady snake with a polyester necktie tries to convince us that we are a bunch of fools for not opting for the most expensive model.

Here are 10 reasons why most people dread the thought of visiting the dealership, because regardless of whether you are shopping for a $100,000 luxury sedan or just popping in for a complimentary oil change, the unpleasantness associated with these establishments is often rightfully founded.

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