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10 Biggest Super Bowl Chokes in NFL History

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Tom Pennington/Getty Images Believe it or not, Tom Brady has choked on Super Bowl Sunday | Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The Super Bowl is by far the biggest stage in American professional sports. With that being the case, it should come as no surprise that Super Bowl Sunday always has been (and always will be) a day where ordinary players become National Football League legends, and a day where teams are able to prove they deserve to be mentioned among the best squads in NFL history.

On the flip side, Super Bowl Sunday also presents players and teams with an opportunity to forever live in sports infamy. For every player and team that surprisingly turn in a big-time performance in the big game, there are those who crumble under the pressure of playing for a world championship. In this article, we are going to look at the 10 biggest Super Bowl chokes (by a team) in NFL history.

The following 10 teams made this list for a variety of reasons. It could have been due to an inexcusable second half collapse, one individual play that directly altered the outcome of the game, or simply because of a disappointing performance by a heavily favored team. With that being said, here are the 10 biggest Super Bowl chokes in NFL history.

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