10 Bodybuilding Exercises That Will Add Inches to Your Arms

You want big arms. We’ve made it our mission to help you get there, too. We’ve written about how you can build arm muscle without weights, bodybuilding exercises you can do that will really help meld those arms with your upper body, and, of course, simple workouts that can get you started with building your arms, and even more that will help you target individual areas.

Once you’ve built a solid foundation of muscle, using your traditional lifts and bodybuilding exercises — bench press, overhead press, etc. — it’s time to switch things up, particularly if you want to add some serious inches to your measurements.

Unconventional bodybuilding exercises

A man performing bodybuilding exercises

A man performing bodybuilding exercises Try out these tough bodybuilding exercises. | Brent Stirton/Getty Images

After digging around, we’ve discovered a handful of tough and somewhat unconventional bodybuilding exercises that should help you bust through your plateau. These moves should help trigger new muscle growth and fight off any cases of muscle memory you may be experiencing, helping to propel your upper body appendages to new heights — or girths.

So here they are, six bodybuilding exercises that will help you add even more inches to your arms.

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