10 Car Models That Will Basically Never Die

Some cars are doomed from the start. As soon as automakers pull off the wraps, you hear groans from the audience. Those who witnessed the debut of the Pontiac Aztek, Ford’s Edsel, and other lemons of the past knew they were looking at a surefire loser. Before long, those cars stopped rolling off assembly lines and became cautionary tales for future generations.

Then there are the vehicles that never go away. It takes a true crowd-pleaser to last decades — sometimes, over 50 years — in a fickle and ever-changing auto market. However, when an automaker commits its best resources to a first-rate design and it strikes a chord with consumers, you might have an all-time classic on your hands.

Given their success and continued relevance, there are some cars that might live forever — or as long as people buy cars. Here are 10 car models that will likely never die.

1. BMW 3-Series

The BMW 3-Series has been popular for 4 decades and counting.

The BMW 3-Series has been popular for 4 decades and counting. BMW’s 3 Series sedan remains an icon. | BMW

It’s fun to drive, easy on the eyes, and grants owners instant status. Considering you get all of the above starting at $33,500, it’s no wonder the BMW 3 Series has been popular for 40 years and counting. The entry-level Bimmer came close to its U.S. sales peak in 2014, so there is no sign of this nameplate crashing anytime soon. Large BMW sedans and SUVs may pack more technology and utility, but none will be as accessible as the brand’s entry-level model.

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