10 Cars With the Most NHTSA Safety Complaints Since 2005

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Fiat Chrysler brands dominated the list of cars with the most safety complaints over the past decade | Jeep

Sometimes, car news can be all too predictable. When Consumer Reports comes out with the list of its most reliable cars, you know you’re going to see Toyota and Lexus vehicles ranking high. On the other side, when testing agencies point out the market’s least reliable models, you know those Fiat Chrysler brands will take up a lot of space.

Safety ratings tend to follow the same pattern. Honda, Subaru, and Toyota always boast many IIHS top safety picks while Jeep and Dodge vehicles almost never make the cut. New data from shed more light on these trends. The auto-research company sifted through millions of consumer safety complaints logged on the NHTSA website for model years 2005 through 2016. Though many complaints lead to no action by the NHTSA, there’s usually fire where there’s smoke.

The list had some surprises. For example, Tesla ranked No. 3 among all brands, despite the high safety ratings for the flagship Model S. According to iSeeCars, the Model X SUV had the highest frequency of complaints, which were mainly related to speed controls. (Because only models with over 750,000 sales were considered, Model X did not make this list.) Likewise, other well-respected nameplates suffered from complaints logged against models from previous generations.

Here are the 10 cars with the most NHTSA safety complaints since 2005.

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