10 Celebrities Who Doubled as Car Salesmen

Matthew McConaughey Lincoln ad

Matthew McConaughey Lincoln ad The last time you saw Matthew McConaughey was probably in a Lincoln ad. | Lincoln

Sometimes an ad for something can be just as memorable as the product itself. And no industry knows this better than the automotive industry. Year after year, companies are selling the latest and greatest cars, while trying to convince millions of people why they need to rush to the dealer and trade in their old car for a new one.

Every now and again, an ad agency catches lightning in a bottle and creates an ad so perfect that it captures the cultural zeitgeist. Or they can just hire celebrities to do the talking for them. Sometimes this works out beautifully (as in the case of our first example). Just as often, these ads fade into obscurity. But thanks to sites, such as YouTube, we have access to all these ads, no matter how much the celebrities who starred in them might want us to forget about them.

And this kind of product pitching is nothing new. Going all the way back to the dawn of television, here are 10 huge celebrities who made a few bucks on the side by selling cars.

1. Matthew McConaughey

For decades, Lincoln was one of the most invisible car companies on the market. Then, in 2014, it seemed like it was everywhere. But it wasn’t because of its cars (though they are becoming very good). It was because of Matthew McConaughey. In these strange, desolate ads, McConaughey delivers obscure monologues in and around Lincoln’s finest. Not only did this partnership inspire a spot-on spoof on Saturday Night Live, it’s become a fixture during sporting events and prime-time TV. With the latest ads out promoting 2018 models, it doesn’t look like the McConaughey/Lincoln partnership is ending anytime soon.

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