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10 Dated Hair Styles That Give Away Your Age

Bad hair days are one thing, but when your ’do starts to give away your age, or worse, add on premature years, it’s time for a hair intervention. These 10 dated hair styles won’t do you any favors, so if you’re rocking any variation of them, it’s time to switch up your look for the better. Get a fresh new lease on life for your locks, and stop the mane madness. A fresher, more youthful appearance will be yours for the taking.

1. Short and stiff

Vietnamese woman

Vietnamese woman You’d be wise to cut back on the hair spray. | iStock.com/DragonImages

June Cleaver called and she wants her hair back. Gone are the days for hair — especially short hair — to be curled with hot rollers then sprayed stiff. It calls to mind an old-fashioned beauty parlor ’do that won’t move no matter which way the wind blows. Unmovable hair looks unnatural and it adds years to anyone’s actual age. And it’s not just a problem for short locks — any length can look way too artificially staid. Let those curls relax a bit, and give the hair spray a break.

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