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10 Dream Garage Cars That No One Ever Thinks Of


Bentley Source: Bentley

Every gearhead has an imaginary dream garage, and more often that not, it’s likely to have at least a few of the same cars in it as your friends. A Jaguar E-Type, Lamborghini Countach, Mercedes-Benz 300SL, Porsche 911 Turbo, or vintage Ferrari are likely to be in there, as could any host of Japanese or American iron. It’s your dream garage, of course, and even though you’ve picked the cars, and maybe even lusted after them for years, we’ve found that most people’s wish lists aren’t exactly the most creative.

“If I had all the money in the world…” you say, listing off one impossibly expensive car after another, showing off your good taste and automotive knowledge. But cars have roamed the earth for 130 years (give or take), and there are thousands of models to choose from. You aren’t likely to find many flops like a Yugo in many people’s, but for every crowd-pleaser like the Ford Mustang or Chevy Corvette, there are five cars that never quite got their due. Besides, as people like Floyd Mayweather or Guy Fieri have shown, one person’s dream garage can be so obvious or tasteless that it ends up as another gearhead’s nightmare.

So we did some deep diving and a bit of soul-searching, and came up with a list of 10 cars from America, Europe, and Japan that don’t usually show up in most people’s dream garages, but probably should. So next time you want to impress your friends with what you’d own if you could have it all, drop any of these in for a wild card. And if any of these 10 are already on your list, then congratulations, your taste in cars is already more interesting than any Bugatti-driving boxer or any Ferrari-hoarding investment banker.