10 Fiat Chrysler Vehicles That Rank Worst in Reliability

2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee The 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee was one of 10 FCA models ranked worst in reliability | Jeep

Auto writers aren’t necessarily known for their humor, but there is one funny joke that used to rattle around the workplace. It went like this:

Writer 1: What are you working on today?

Writer 2: Well, it’s Friday, so I have to prep a story about the next Fiat Chrysler recall.

As recently as 2015, you could set your calendar by the fact that a new Chrysler Group vehicle would get recalled, and it’s only a small exaggeration to say it happened every week. FCA showed improvements in its total number of recalls for 2016, but that legacy of below-average reliability persists.

The Consumer Reports brand rankings from 2016 illustrate what a tough time FCA has had in recent years. When the testing agency examined data from its road tests, consumer surveys, and safety rankings, Fiat Chrysler brands fared terribly. Fiat (worst), Jeep (second-worst), and Chrysler (fifth-worst) dominated the list of underachievers. Meanwhile, Dodge ranked sixth among the bottom of the auto industry barrel.

Consumer Reports 2016 reliability ratings suggest these results were no fluke. Any way you break down the stats (i.e., by all vehicles, by segment, by brand), a Fiat Chrysler nameplate underperformed most of the competition. Here are the 10 FCA vehicles that ranked worst-in-class among new models in the 10 non-luxury segments.

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