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10 Freezer-Friendly Breakfast Recipes for Busy Parents

Family making dinner

Family making dinner Too busy to make breakfast for your family every morning? These freezer-friendly breakfast recipes are perfect for you | iStock.com

Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? There’s definitely some strong evidence in its favor. (Even if the adage is up for debate among night owls, serial snoozers, and anybody else who isn’t excited to drag themselves out of bed in the morning.) But we’d argue a great breakfast can make even the most uninspiring morning better. That’s especially true if you take the opportunity to eat healthy foods for breakfast instead of reaching for sugary eats that will just set you up for a mid-morning crash.

Getting a good meal on the table at the start of the day is tough if you’re busy. And that goes double if you’re a busy parent. Getting everybody dressed and ready doesn’t always leave a lot of time for chopping fruit, preparing eggs, or stirring oatmeal. So, you should make things easier on yourself. Instead of trying to throw breakfast together in the moment, set aside some time over the weekend to make a batch of easy make-ahead breakfasts for your whole family. Something you can throw in the freezer, and have ready to go during the week.

Fortunately, we’ve collected some great, freezer-friendly breakfast recipes. Each one is easy to make in a spare hour or two over the weekend. Most of them can be kept in the refrigerator for the week ahead, or you can stash them in the freezer to have breakfast figured out further into the future. Whether you want to keep these breakfast recipes tucked away for two days or two weeks, they’ll emerge ready to please.

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