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10 Great Cars People Avoid for Some Strange Reason

Volkswagen EOS

Volkswagen EOS Before production ended, Volkswagen EOS was one of the great cars people don’t buy. | Volkswagen

Let’s start with the vehicle everyone knows and buys in massive quantities every year: Ford F-150. The legendary F-Series sells over 700,000 trucks every year. Somehow, those millions of Americans who bought one since 2011 have not tapped the market. People will continue to drive them home until approximately 10% of the population has a new or used F-150 in the driveway. Those are the facts.

Other cars and trucks are not so lucky. Even when a respected brand puts out a striking new model with power, looks, and everything else consumers might want, sometimes they don’t sell. Certain cars seem to have a hex on them, like Volkswagen Eos, a convertible with solid reviews that entered the market at a great price point. This car will soon be a unicorn on U.S. roads, and we’re not sure if Jennifer Lawrence still has hers in the garage.

At the end of the day, there is no precise formula for making a hit car. Automakers can only do their best and hope people consider it before buying an Accord or Corolla. Here are 10 great cars that U.S. consumers don’t buy but deserve a better fate.

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