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10 Hollywood Celebrities Who Are Crazy Hobby Collectors

Many lucky celebrities get to a point in their career where they are just raking in the cash. After buying their huge mansions they tend to fill with expensive furniture, clothes, and even cool things like basketball courts. But what many people forget is that at a certain point celebrities get so rich they begin to collect things they don’t necessarily need as a hobby.

Some of these collections are, of course, art but many celebrities stray into weirder, or just nerdier territory. Some of them collect things that a lot of people are into, such as comic books. Others collect things that are much rarer and expensive to find. Then there are some that just collect things that you would have never expect because it’s just plain weird! So which celebrities have an impressive collection? Here are ten that really love spending their time and money on their hobbies.

1. Nicolas Cage collects comic books and knives

Source: Magellan Pictures

Source: Magellan Pictures Source: Magellan Pictures

The actor is such a huge fan of comic books that he chose his stage name from one! He named himself after Luke Cage, the Marvel comic book hero. He also starred in movie adaptations of Ghost Rider and Kick Ass. So what does a fan do with all of that movie money he’s been making? Collect books, of course! The actor collected very rare comic books which sadly captured the attention of a thief.

Cage had a nearly-pristine copy of Action Comic No. 1, which had the first appearance of Superman. Someone stole the comic in 2000, and it was later found in an abandoned Southern California storage locker, according to The Hollywood Reporter. He later put the copy up for auction and got a record high sell for a comic at $2,161,000.

The actor later said in an interview that he outgrew comics, but he has other collections. He has moved on to other things like knives. He was seen by TMZ buying a $2,000 knife with a mammoth ivory handle.

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