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10 Incredible things turtles hide in their shells

Turtles are seen everywhere, they are common to in discovery channels, cartoons or you may have even owned one as a pet. But the challenge is that there are a lot of clichés around them, it is difficult to tell the exact facts from the many lies around

If you are a fan of turtles, these pictures will teach you the truth about them.

The Turtle shell is made of about 50 different bones.

You’d be surprised how fast they move when they are threatened

Several species of turtles can live for hundreds of years

Turtles do not have vocal cords but they can make sounds

Turtles may be relentless predators

The shell is something like ribs that leads out of your body

Turtles make spinal gymnastic to stick their heads inside their shell

Some turtles have movable joints that work like hinges and allows them to join the two parts of the shell

The shell looks hard, but it is not an armor, it bleeds when they are hurt

Some torgugas can breathe through their anuses