10 Little Things That Almost Everyone Steals

Have you ever thought of yourself as a thief? Odds are you have stolen something at least once in your life. Of course, this doesn’t mean you are a vicious criminal who creates manipulative and masterminded plots to rob banks or steal diamonds.

But more than likely, at one time or another, you have “borrowed” something and forgotten to give it back, picked up something you thought was yours and put it in your pocket, or accidentally borrowed a dish from your neighbor that is now your favorite serving plate.

You may be thinking “that does’t count” about some of these small things. You may have thought it was yours, and, hey, nobody’s really going to miss it.

Though these cases of petty theft are probably not going to get you time in the slammer, when you take a second to think about it, we steal a lot of stuff. We created a list of some of the most common things we like to steal the most — some of them accidentally and others, we steal on purpose.

1. Pens

money and salary

money and salary Pen with money |

“Darn it, Joe stole my pen again.” Pen theft is so common around the office that 70% of office employees say they’ve have had a pen go missing, and 40% have actually caught a co-worker stealing their pen red-handed. We steal pens so much that doctor’s offices actually tie them to clipboards. And banks, well, they chain those pens down so our thieving hands don’t walk out with them.

It may sound ridiculous, but is it? If we steal, say, 1,000 pens from the doctor’s office at 25 cents a pop, that’s $250. Have you ever stolen someone’s pen?

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