10 Makeup Tricks That Will Instantly Make You Look Younger

It feels like just yesterday you were coating your lids with eyeliner and mascara in an attempt to look old enough to sneak into that R-rated movie. Now? You’re desperately searching for the fountain of youth.

While we encourage you to embrace your age and the natural beauty that comes with it, we do understand the desire to appear slightly younger. We’ve already revealed a few makeup habits that make you look older, but if you’re looking for a surgery-free way to turn back the clock, have a look at the tips below.

1. Take care of your brows

Tweezing eyebrows

Tweezing eyebrows If you tweeze too much, you’ll have nothing left. |

Your eyebrows should never be an afterthought. Beauty expert Taylor Chang-Babaian tells Total Beauty your eyebrows begin to thin out and droop as you get older. Not only will creating the illusion of fuller eyebrows keep your face looking youthful, it’ll complement the rest of your features, too. Luckily, you can emphasize your brows’ natural shape with an eyebrow pencil. Before buying, just make sure the pencil matches your hair color. We don’t know what message mismatched eyebrows will give off, but it’s definitely not youthful.

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