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10 Most Important Things You Need to Do to Get the Job, According to Experts

These days, if you want to get the job, you have to stand out from the pack. It isn’t enough to simply be a good candidate. You have to be great. Exceeding the hiring manager’s expectations is a must. The best way to shine and stand out among a sea of job applicants is to have a clear strategy.

New York-based Success Strategist Carlota Zimmerman told The Cheat Sheet that too many job applicants don’t put enough thought into the process. “I’ve seen countless generic cover letters that don’t even mention what job the applicant is seeking. I see people applying for jobs they don’t want or couldn’t do. I see people apply for 10 jobs Monday, eight on Tuesday, 15 on Wednesday, weep all day Thursday, and then send one on Friday at 8:30 at night. There is no rhyme or reason to their job applications. Applying for a job requires stamina, dedication, and strategy,” Zimmerman said.

Are you ready to wow the hiring managers? You’re in luck because we spoke to some of the top career experts to get their advice on what job applicants must do if they want to get hired. Here are 10 crucial things you need to do to get the job, according to the experts.

1. Do your research

Leslie Knope with binders

Leslie Knope with binders Be as prepared as Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation. | NBC

Before applying for a job, do a deep dive into the company’s history, mission, and current successes and challenges. Your potential employer wants to see how you’ll help the company, and the specific team you’re applying to, meet its objectives. But you can’t do that without a thorough understanding of where the company is now and where it wants to go. If you have a mentor or acquaintance who’s familiar with the organization, pick their brain. Search Google News, so you’re aware of the most recent product launches or personnel changes in case they come up during the interview.

Brianna McGurran, career and student loans expert at NerdWallet

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