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10 of the Best International Foods You Have to Try

As much as you may like to, it isn’t always feasible to travel to Paris for its renowned croissants or India for its curry. Most foodies have to explore local restaurants to discover dishes and tastes from around the world. With so many people from other cultures around you, it isn’t hard to find home cooking that takes you to another world.

These must-try dishes are some of the most sought-after flavors in the world. Your job is to find a restaurant that sticks to the country’s traditional way of cooking so you can get the most authentic meal possible. If all else fails, give the dish a shot yourself. The Internet is brimming with genuine recipes from around the world.

1. China: Jiaozi

Dumplings, pasta, ravioli, noodles

Dumplings, pasta, ravioli, noodles Dumplings | iStock.com

Everyone loves dumplings, and this Chinese variation does not disappoint. Jiaozi are filled with mincemeat and veggies and wrapped up in a yanbao (silver ingot) shape before being deep-fried. These delicious packages of goodness are dipped in spicy sesame oil and are often eaten for breakfast in China. Here’s a great recipe for pork and cabbage jiaozi.

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