10 of the Longest Losing Streaks in Sports History

The 76ers look dejected after a loss.

The 76ers look dejected after a loss. The 76ers look dejected after a loss. | Scott Halleran/Getty Images

The losing streak is one of the most pitiful sights in the sports world — like when the bleachers at the Cleveland Browns games were all but empty in the winless stretch. Or when the Philadelphia 76ers struggled so hard that the Papa John’s pizza franchise had to change the rules of its free pizza giveaway to ensure it was actually feasible. (The team was no longer required to come out victorious; they just had to score 90 points, win or lose.)

But heck, if some teams steamroll everyone else, then some teams must be the ones to get pulverized. Streaks are common in the wide world of sports — from college to professional sports and individual to team efforts. While being associated with a string of victories is a cause for celebration, being known for a losing streak will make any athlete want to disappear.

So what do we do with these embarrassing stints in the losers column? Remind these teams that they hold these dubious records, of course. Here is a look at just 10 of the longest losing streaks in sports.

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