10 of the Most Bizarre Auto Options Ever

Source: General Motors

Source: General Motors Source: General Motors

Car manufacturers have done a pretty good job over the years to tempt us with car upgrade options that set us back hundreds or even thousands of dollars. We happily fork over the money to have options that allow us to change the LED lights to different colors in our Ford Flex or get a warm massage while driving a Mercedes. Or, when money’s no object, we can rattle our brains playing house music with Range Rover’s Meridian Audio 29-speaker, 24-channel, 1,700-watt Signature Reference 3D sound system.

But now and then, these car companies throw us a goose egg, leaving us to wonder just what on earth they were thinking. Maybe some of the options started off as great ideas until too many engineers got their hands on the design. Or perhaps a few employees thought it would be funny to see how far down the production line a bad idea would go. Regardless, here are 10 of the weirdest car options.

1. Mercedes-Benz CL granite trim


1035519a2001f51 Source: Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz didn’t get the memo: Not only is granite stone out for kitchen counters, it wasn’t even in-style for cars —  ever. But for a mere $2,650, the automaker would offer to weigh your car down with rocks. Seeing polished stone in a car doesn’t exactly have the same zippy feeling as carbon fiber or brushed aluminum, although, since it was less than a millimeter thick, it didn’t seem to weigh the car down too much.

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