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10 of the Most Hated Car Trends That Need to Die in 2018

We’re reaching the end of the 2010s, and things are changing fast in the world of cars. Strides in safety, technology, and fuel economy; the rise of electric powertrains; and the return of brilliant design have made driving easier and more comfortable than ever before. If you stop and take stock of things, it’s a pretty great time to enjoy cars.

But everything can’t all be wine and roses, right? For every amazing new feature there’s something equally as groan-worthy out there. Take a deep breath and vent with us. These are 10 automotive trends we’d like to see disappear sooner rather than later. 

1. Color (or lack thereof)

gray crossover

gray crossover A gray crossover is the epitome of what’s on American roads in 2017. | Honda

Until the late 1980s or so, the automotive world was an exciting universe of brilliant reds, deep blues, and a host of other eye-catching colors. Since then, our roads have become a boring sea of black, silver, white, and neutral tans. Many experts say this soul-crushing conformity has a lot to do with customers being worried about their car’s resale value. But with new developments in automotive paints and vinyl wrapping, we’re hoping drivers start taking some risks with car color before we die of boredom.

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