10 of the Most Ridiculous Car Names in History

2007 HUMMER H2 | General Motors

2007 HUMMER H2 | General Motors 2007 HUMMER H2 | General Motors

When perusing the local car dealership lot for a fresh set of wheels, pay close attention to the names of the vehicles sitting under the sun. Muscle cars tend to favor masculine sounding names like Cobra, Camaro SS, and Hellcat, while trucks typically have more of a “Wild West” feel to them, with titles like Ranger, Bronco, Ridgeline, Frontier, and Silverado.

Meanwhile, compact cars often have one syllable titles, like Chevy’s Spark and Honda’s Fit. Vans, on the other hand, lean more toward adventurous names like Odyssey, Voyager, and Quest.

But there are also plenty of cars out there with names that have absolutely nothing to do with the vehicle itself or its capabilities. Some titles are merely misaligned, while others border on the bizarre. But while most commuters tend to focus on the color of the car in front of them, we take great joy in memorizing the names of automobiles, which got us thinking. What are the most ridiculous car names in recent memory?

Auto manufacturers always want to see strong sales numbers, yet ludicrous names could potentially compromise profits in a particular segment. It’s no wonder that most of the cars on this cheat sheet are now extinct.

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