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10 of the Worst Cars of the 2000s

Lexus car

Lexus car Lexus

From an automotive standpoint, we’ve got it pretty good right now. With each passing year, every segment seems to be getting safer, faster, more fuel efficient, and cars are better built now than ever before. If the disaster that was the late aughts taught automakers anything, it’s that the car buying public is completely fed up after decades of terrible products, and they aren’t going to take it anymore. Automakers may have changed in order to survive, but today, both manufacturers and consumers alike are reaping the benefits from one of the most progressive eras in automotive history.

Compared to today’s environment, 10 years ago may as well have been the dark ages. Automakers were slow to change, unwilling to adapt to customer needs, indifferent to quality, and as recent recall scandals have taught us, criminally negligent with safety features. The market was flooded with bad cars, and most of us were stuck driving them.

So what is it exactly that makes a car bad? Sometimes  hideous styling says it all. Other times it takes a few laps around the block (or a sprint down the highway) to realize you have a lemon on your hands. Whatever the reason, there were enough inexplicably bad specimens rolling off assembly lines in the aughts to rival the worst Malaise-era offenders of the 1970s.

While dozens of cars easily could’ve made this list, here are ten crappers we found to be particularly offensive right from the get-go, all of which were released upon the public within the past decade or so, with the majority of them (thankfully) already facing retirement.

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