10 of the Worst TV Shows in Recent History

Each TV season, new shows come and go. Some are able to find success and live to see another year, while others don’t make the cut and become one-season wonders. However, there is another group of shows that are in a unique category of their own. These are shows that failed so miserably that their network decided to cut their losses and cancel them after an episode or two.

To commemorate some of the worst TV series to ever grace the small-screen, here’s a look at 10 of the worst TV shows ever.

1. Secret Talents of the Stars (2008)

Secret Talents of the Stars

Secret Talents of the Stars Secret Talents of the Stars | CBS

Hosted by John O’Hurley, the 2008 show was a competition series that judged famous people for skills that you didn’t know they had. For example, George Takei, who is primarily known for playing Hikaru Sulu in the television series Star Trek, appeared on the first episode to sing the country song, “On the Road Again.” The few viewers who did tune in to watch the show were not impressed — TV Guide states that CBS canceled it after just one episode. A TV Guide review states:

Jeers to CBS for jumping on – and falling off – the celeb-competition bandwagon with Secret Talents of the Stars. The Eye network’s pathetic entry is hosted by John O’Hurley, but this feels more akin to his work on Family Feud than Dancing with the Stars (not to mention Seinfeld). He introduces contestants like Olympic skater-turned-contortionist Sasha Cohen, who again fails to match the gold-medal standard set by her predecessor, Dancing fave Kristi Yamaguchi.

Apparently, viewers just weren’t that interested in watching celebrities show off their hobbies.

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