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10 of the Worst Ways Mechanics Try to Rip You Off

Mechanics and surgeons have a lot in common. Both operate on complex plumbing and machinery, both are necessary during incredibly stressful times, and both have to deal with some bad stereotypes. Going back to the beginnings of modern comedy, two constants have been doctor and mechanic jokes. Why? Because more often than not, they know something we don’t, and they can charge an arm and a leg to fix a problem.

That’s why one of the most important things to have in either profession is trust. People need to be able to trust that these specialists are giving them the news straight, telling them their best course to solving the problem, and working in a way that won’t leave them penniless.

So seeing as how the medical profession isn’t our forte, we’ve decided to focus on some of the worst things some mechanics do to bring down their entire field. Luckily, increasingly complex cars and a number of consumer advocacy groups are hunting crooked repair shops to extinction. But they’re still out there. Here are some of the shadiest things a mechanic can pull on you. 

1. The phantom leak


Jaguar Cars like this old Jaguar tend to leak oil. | Jaguar

This is an old trick, and it’s incredibly sleazy. Some of the more crooked mechanics will carefully plant some antifreeze or oil in your engine compartment or under your car. Then, there’s usually a proposal to find the phantom leak, which can be costly and obviously futile. If a mechanic finds something wrong with your car, it’s well within your rights to ask to see the problem yourself. If they won’t show you the problem, take your car and find a new mechanic.

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