10 Players With the Most Bust Potential in the 2017 NFL Draft

Jared Goff addresses the media at a press conference.

Jared Goff addresses the media at a press conference. In 2016, it looked like Jared Goff was well on his way to becoming an NFL Draft bust. | Harry How/Getty Images

Scouting players for the NFL Draft is an inexact science. There are always players who slip through the cracks and aren’t selected until the sixth round or later (if they get drafted at all) — and then they become superstars. And there are always players chosen during the first two days of the draft who wind up having wildly disappointing NFL careers.

Today, we look at 10 prospects selected in the 2017 NFL Draft who, in our eyes, have the potential to eventually be labeled as NFL Draft busts. Every player has a different backstory, and they each have reasons why they ended up on our list. While we hope they can all prove us wrong, history suggests that more than one of the following players will ultimately earn the infamous title of NFL Draft bust.

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