10 Popular Cars We Wish Never Existed

2016 BMW M6 Gran Coupe | BMW

Everybody in the world has different tastes from others. For many situations, this is perfectly fine — in grocery stores, there’s ample selection so everyone can find what they like or need. For cars, though, it’s a bit more tricky when you’re talking about a $25,000, ten-year investment and not a $2.50 jug of milk. And because of that, automakers have to be more discerning in what they offer.

Some, like BMW, are taking the approach that involves trying to satisfy as many tastes and preferences as possible, by constantly splitting categories into subcategories, and those into further subcategories. Others, like Chrysler, take a leaner approach and put most of their eggs into fewer baskets. But when you get an approach like BMW, it leads to redundancies — which is what this article is out to discuss.

BMW is not the only automaker guilty of this, but it’s probably the most prolific. However, we looked around the industry and found ten vehicles that while they may be popular, don’t make a very compelling case for themselves because they either conflict or overlap with their stablemates. Here are 10 vehicles that we felt were the most redundant.

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