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10 Production Cars That Hit 0-60 the Quickest

Front view of Bugatti Chiron

Front view of Bugatti Chiron Bugatti Chiron | Bugatti

We’re entering a bold new era of performance. Thanks to technological breakthroughs that seemingly happen every year, and the rapid maturation of hybrid technology, cars are getting faster than ever before. If we wrote this article 10 years ago, chances are there would be a few cars from the ’90s, and maybe even the ’80s on it. But the oldest machine you’ll find here is a sprightly six years old, and, in a few years, we wouldn’t be surprised if it failed to crack the top 10 at all.

Top speed has always been a big deal, but for the first time in history, we’re running out of roads to test it on. The Bugatti Chiron (above) has a top speed of 261 miles per hour, but that number is largely theoretical, since there are so few roads anywhere in the world that are long and flat enough to safely handle it. So as top speed becomes an abstract figure, we wanted to focus on something that’s still very real: zero to 60 times.

The only problem is that we’re fast approaching the wall for that too. Factoring in things like g-forces (like you would in a fighter jet), driver reaction times, traction, and braking technology, the fastest theoretical zero to 60 time in a street car is 2.05 seconds. Read on, because these 10 production cars come incredibly close to hitting that mark.

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