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10 Reasons You’re Always So Tired

Spend a few minutes glancing around any office or subway car, and you’ll see yawn after yawn, maybe even a few folks nodding off. With an average per person coffee consumption of 2.1 cups every day, at least according to a Zagat survey, it’s safe to say most Americans feel pretty tired. Plopping down in a chair for the rest of the day certainly won’t do much to help alleviate the problem, and many workers may find themselves feeling irritable and a lot less productive.

If you count yourself among the many perpetually tired adults, it’s time to figure out where things are going wrong. Check out these 10 possible culprits.

1. Sleeping in

A tired man sleeping

A tired man sleeping Sleeping in may not be so smart. | iStock.com

Once Friday hits, most people are ecstatic at the thought of sleeping long past their weekday waking hour. Though snoozing until noon might sound like the ultimate luxury, you could be doing a lot more harm than good. According to Men’s Health, sleeping in throws off your body’s internal clock since it alters the amount of time you’re exposed to daylight as well as your regular eating habits. If you can’t completely fend off the urge, keep it to an additional 90 minutes at the absolute max.

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