10 Secrets People Should Keep From Their Co-Workers

How well do you know the people you work with? How well do they really know you? According to Fast Company, workers in the U.S. have a median tenure of around 4.4 years. You could get to know a person pretty well during that time — especially a person you spend 40 hours each week with.

But do your co-workers know you as well as, say, your roommate or a close friend does? Probably not. Even though you spend a great deal of time with your colleagues, it’s generally unwise to tell them personal information that doesn’t pertain to work. Think of it this way: If you wouldn’t want your boss and the rest of the office knowing something about you, it’s probably best to keep the information to yourself. Here are 10 things you should not share with your co-workers.

1. Your personal and political beliefs

Donald and Ivanka Trump

Donald and Ivanka Trump Don’t assume people have the same views as you. | Mark Makela/Getty Images

Work is usually not the place to talk about your political views. You can’t assume everyone has the same thoughts as you do. When you share your views on political and societal issues — especially if you have extreme left- or right-leaning ideals — people might not take what you have to say on other topics as seriously.

“You want to put some brakes on your conversation,” author Anna Post tells The Wall Street Journal. “People assume that others think what they think, that everyone wants to hear their opinion. But politics can really divide.”

Next: This should be between you and your doctor.

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