10 Tacky Clothing Items You Need to Dispose of Immediately

Purging your closet is not only cathartic, it also provides you with exciting new opportunities. Do you want to completely change your style? Will you live as a minimalist? Or is the added space just an excuse to go shopping? No matter which direction you choose to take after you clean out your closet, we have some advice on where you should begin. If you see any of the following items still lingering in your wardrobe, it’s time to get rid of them once and for all. Trust us when we say they’ll never come back into fashion, they’re hugely unflattering, and probably too tacky to wear in public. Goodbyes can be hard, but these are for the best.

1. Ponchos

Black wool buttoned cape

Black wool buttoned cape Ponchos look a little, well, dated. |

If you know you’re going to be chilly, opt for a lightweight coat, a cardigan, a knit sweater — literally anything other than a poncho. Ponchos are not only pointless, they’re also frankly quite hideous. If you still have one lingering in your closet, toss it immediately or resell it online. 

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