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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About ‘Star Trek’

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Star Trek is one of the best-known sci-fi franchises ever created with a long and fascinating history. That being said, there are many unusual facts about the show that even longtime fans may not be aware of. So what are some things you don’t know about Star Trek other than the fact that red shirts are almost always as good as dead? Here are 10 facts about the franchise that just might surprise even the biggest Trekkie.

1. Spock and Uhura were supposed to have the first interracial kiss on U.S. television

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The series will forever go down in history for having the first interracial kiss on American television in 1968. The kiss was between Captain Kirk and Lt. Uhura, but originally the kiss was supposed to be with Spock! But once William Shatner got a whiff that history was going to be made without him, he immediately got it changed.

“Bill Shatner saw what was going on,” Nichelle Nichols said, according to Blastr, “and he said, ‘Woah, woah, woah. If anybody is gonna get to kiss Lieutenant Uhura it’s gonna be me.’ And he had the whole thing changed so the first interracial kiss was with Lieutenant Uhura and Captain Kirk.” After that it seemed like he was really nervous and wanted to make the scene perfect.

“Bill wanted to rehearse all the time,” continued Nichols. “He said he wanted to get this right! I said to him, ‘It’s right, it’s right. I promise you, it’s right.’ And the camera was shaking and the director was laughing his head off. We really had a good time.”

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