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10 Things You Should Always Do After a Car Accident

Young man driving a car

Young man driving a car Getting into a car accident is one thing, being smart about what happens next is another | iStock.com/aerogondo

It’s your worst nightmare. There you were, on the way to the dentist to have that pesky filling re-capped, and suddenly you find yourself in a tangled automotive mess. Somebody hit someone, and it all happened so fast that no one really knows who’s to blame. Remember, post-accident risks are everywhere, and what happens next could put you in a life-or-death situation or in front of a judge.

While the sight of blood rarely appeals to anyone outside of Transylvania, neither does a court summons for fleeing the scene of an accident. It’s time to be the responsible adult that your state-issued driver’s license says you are, and that means taking appropriate action at the scene of an accident, regardless of who may be at fault.

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