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10 Things You Should Never Buy Used

people buy used items at a garage sale

people buy used items at a garage sale People visiting a garage sale | iStock.com/csfotoimages

When it comes to saving money, buying used is often a no-brainer. And with growing number of options for picking up used items online, there’s no need to visit a potentially grimy thrift shop or sort through a jumble of yard sale castoffs to find a bargain.

As buying used gets easier, more people are changing their shopping habits. A third of consumers say they’re buying more secondhand items than in the past, a survey by Marketing Week found. Used books, DVDs, and CDs were common purchases, with 70% of people saying they bought those items. Clothing, accessories, and jewelry were also popular. And there’s little reason to balk at buying used tools, bicycles, and musical instruments, provided you’re confident they’re in good working order.

Still, many people have a bias against already-owned items. Forty-one percent of Americans said they’d prefer a newly built home over a pre-existing one, Trulia found. Some people wouldn’t dream of buying a used car. Others get weirded out by the idea of secondhand clothing.

Ultimately, the used versus new debate often comes down to a matter of personal preference. Some people will happily buy anything they can used if it means saving money or keeping things out of the landfill. Others want everything shiny and new, even if it means spending a bit more. But there are some things that even the most committed bargain hunters should pass up on their next thrifting expedition. Here are 10 things you just shouldn’t buy secondhand.

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