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10 Things Your Car Mechanic Is Probably Judging You For

When you find a good car mechanic, you want to maintain that relationship for as long as possible. The best at their job will keep your vehicle on the road for reasonable prices, making your daily commute, and overall quality of life, better. Without the right crew helping you with regular maintenance and repairs, you might even get a vehicle to 300,000 miles.

For a solid customer-mechanic relationship, remember it’s a two-way street. Treating the staff at a repair shop with respect in every aspect of the transaction is essential. Meanwhile, it wouldn’t hurt to show that you care about your car too. If you act like a jerk or treat a vehicle like something disposable when you go to the shop, you could end up with your mechanic judging you. Here are 10 things you want to avoid.

1. Never changing the car’s oil

Woman talking to a car mechanic in his repair shop, both are standing next to the car

When you bring in a car and your mechanic sees piston wear and dinged steel parts, he’s going to ask if you changed the oil recently. Failing to change your oil every 5,000 miles or so means poor lubrication, parts corrosion, overheating, and other symptoms of decay. Were it some obscure bit of maintenance, your mechanic might give you a pass. If it’s something known to be essential for cars, he probably will judge you, and you can’t blame him.

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