10 Times the Fashion Industry Got a Little Political

Though it’s usually frowned upon to discuss politics, it feels like your Instagram, Facebook, and in-person conversations are all plagued with emotional commentary from every side of the political spectrum these days. And there’s one group of people who has never shied away from speaking their minds: the fashion industry. Whether they express their views in a collection, endorsement, or interview, industry heavyweights are adding something to the conversation. Below, 10 of the most memorable moments.

1. Balenciaga channels Bernie

Former presidential candidate and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders

Former presidential candidate and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders himself admits he isn’t too fashion forward. | Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Even though the Vermont senator wasn’t nominated as the Democratic presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders was probably one of the most popular hopefuls of the entire White House race. From Sanders making an edited appearance in Seinfeld to the masses still flaunting his bumper stickers and flags, it seems like everyone is still feeling the Bern. And yes, the fandom has made its way to the runway, too.

At the most recent Balenciaga menswear show, designer Demna Gvasalia unveiled a collection of oversized suits and outdoor apparel — think fleeces and puffer vests — adorned with a cheeky iteration of Sanders’s logo. When asked about his status as a fashion icon, Sanders humbly replied, “I think of my many attributes, being a great dresser or a fashion maven is not one of them.”

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