10 Trucks and SUVs That Get the Worst Fuel Economy

Even as fuel economy improves, some SUVs and trucks have not caught up

Even as fuel economy improves, some SUVs and trucks have not caught up The trucks and other big vehicles with the worst fuel economy do not break 20 MPG | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

“Fill it up?” If you drive a truck or SUV, you’ll hear those words a lot, but there have been some improvements in recent years. For example, there are several SUVs (mostly hybrids) that get better than 30 miles per gallon. You don’t have to become a complete slave to gasoline when you need a big vehicle for family or work needs.

However, the SUVs and trucks getting the worst economy definitely put a drain on your time and wallet. There are dozens of models that do not average 15 MPG combined. Compared to the average new vehicle that gets 25 MPG, you’ll spend an extra $5,250 or more in gas over five years in one of these cars. Annually, your gas bill will average $2,400.

If you want to keep maintenance and operating costs down, consider fuel economy when making a decision on a new or used truck. Here are the 10 SUVs and other trucks that get the worst economy ratings of any models on sale in the U.S.

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