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10 TV Shows That Got Axed Before Premiering

Every year, there are some TV shows that quickly become hits and others that only manage to churn out a few episodes before getting the ax. Then, there are the few really unlucky series that manage to survive their pilot season and earn a series pickup — only to get canceled before they ever even premiere. Below, check out 10 shows that received initial series orders, but never actually made it to the air.

1. Coach (2015)

Coach | NBC

Coach | NBC Coach | NBC

NBC issued a 13-episode straight-to-series order for a Coach revival series in March 2015. Original star Craig T. Nelson was set to reprise his role as Coach Hayden Fox in the sequel series, which was expected to have a midseason debut. But the show apparently just couldn’t come together. In August 2015, the network abruptly pulled the plug on the project, citing creative issues.

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