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10 Types of Beauty Products That Are Terrible for Your Skin

At some point, we’ve all been told wearing makeup isn’t good for our skin. However, you probably don’t realize just how dangerous certain cosmetics and skin care products truly are. These items go beyond merely clogging your pores or causing irritation. In many cases, the ingredients used to formulate these everyday beauty products are toxic.

To keep your skin healthy and safe, read on to see which beauty product categories you need to permanently ban from your routine. Trust us, your skin will thank you for throwing out these products and replacing them with gentler alternatives.

1. Heavy liquid foundation

Makeup products to even skin tone

Makeup products to even skin tone Don’t choose heavy foundation, because it’ll just clog your pores. | iStock.com/pogrebkov

No matter how militant you are about washing your face at the end of each day, there’s nothing you can do to save your pores if you regularly wear heavy, liquid foundation. Some liquid foundations are so thick they’re practically paint. A healthy foundation should go on like a lightweight moisturizer, blending into your skin and allowing it to breathe instead of simply sitting atop the surface.

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