10 Unrecognizable Child Stars

Child stars often leave the entertainment business after spending their childhood in the spotlight, and we forget about them. The public moves on to the next big thing, and former young stars are free to live their life in relative obscurity. Some child stars choose to make a comeback, or do reality shows (The Two Coreys, anyone?), but others never return to the spotlight. There might even be some that you could pass on the street and have no idea that starred in your favorite movie or TV show as a kid.

There are endless lists on child stars who grew up to be another one of the gorgeous celebrity masses (Emma Watson), and child stars who have aged terribly (Lindsay Lohan, Haley Joel Osment). But there are some child stars that look nothing like what you would have expected, either because of plastic surgery, or they just grew up away from the pressure of Hollywood. Here are 10 child stars that you would never recognize today.

See the before and after transformations of these child stars! Click here

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Written by Jessica Sullivan

Jessica Sullivan hails from Los Angeles I'm a writer, Musician, professional nail artist and have a degree in acting from NYU.

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