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10 Vehicles That Prove Ford Performance Is Top Tier

2017 Ford GT GT3 Racer

2017 Ford GT GT3 Racer 2017 GT GT3 Racer | Ford

A few years ago, Ford brought all of its performance divisions from around the world under one umbrella. The result was Ford Performance, and its continually evolving lineup has been nothing short of spectacular. The Blue Oval — that pillar of Detroit that was selling Tempos, Aerostars, and Escorts just a generation ago — is now selling some of the finest performance cars in the world. Its cars are increasingly mentioned in the same breath as Ferrari and Porsche.

But that doesn’t mean Ford’s performance cars cost as much as those exotics. With one big exception (ahem, the GT), most of the performance lineup is reasonably affordable, from the entry-level Fiesta ST to the track-day assassin Shelby GT350R.

Much of this versatility is thanks to the turbocharged and highly versatile EcoBoost engines. Ford famously introduced the three-cylinder EcoBoost by bringing the engine block to the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show in a carry-on bag. These mills can be tuned for either economy or performance. For example, the same basic inline-four engine puts out 197 horsepower in the Fiesta ST, 310 horsepower in the Mustang EcoBoost, and 350 in the Focus RS.

So proving once and for all that power is not necessarily linked to displacement, here are 10 reasons why Ford’s performance lineup is world class in every way.

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