11 Cars People Ditch in the First Year of Ownership

Nissan Versa Note

Nissan Versa Note The cars people don’t keep long were a combination of budget models and entry-level luxury sedans | Nissan

Most consumers go into a car purchase expecting to keep their new vehicle anywhere from five to 10 years. At that point, regular driving would likely push the car over 100,000 miles, which traditionally has been a test of durability. Still, the rules are different for each segment. While SUVs and minivans dominate the list of longest-kept vehicles, luxury sedans have a much higher rate of turnover.

If you consider the luxury experience, the system makes sense. Mercedes buyers would be more likely to trade up for the latest model rather than drive an out-of-date edition. Luxury leases lasting two or three years are also popular. However, data released by search engine iSeeCars in March 2017 shows many buyers in both budget and luxury segments are getting rid of vehicles within one year of their purchase.

While fickle luxury consumers may explain some folks ditching their cars early, other factors are in play. According to CEO Phong Ly, several budget cars that owners sold had low J.D. Power Initial Quality scores. In those cases, people are getting rid of a car before it drives them crazy — and it didn’t even take 12 months. Here are 11 cars owners ditched most within a year of driving them off the lot new. The study covered model years 2015 through 2017.

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