11 Colleges With the Most Players in the NFL Right Now

Roll Tide | Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Roll Tide | Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images Roll Tide | Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The best college football recruits in the country choose to play ball at a particular school for two reasons: to win national championships and to make it to the NFL. It is really that simple. While only one team will find itself hoisting the trophy at the end of the season, the same cannot be said about sending players to the next level.

According to research done by Business Insider, using data provided by the NCAA, through Week 3 of the 2016 season, there are 31 schools with at least 21 players on active NFL rosters. Clearly, these institutions know what it takes to develop young talent and prepare them for the opportunity to have careers at the game’s highest level. Of course, as it is with most things, some programs do a much better job of this than others.

Since we’re always looking to determine the best of the best, we figured why not break this list down even further. With that in mind, here’s a look at the five colleges with the most players in the NFL.

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