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11 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About ‘Stranger Things’

Netflix’s Stranger Things quickly became one of the breakout TV hits of the summer. The show, which chronicles a terrifying investigation into the disappearance of a 12-year-old boy in Indiana, has earned high praise from both critics and audiences for its nuanced, original storyline and ’80s-inspired references. With a second season of the series already in the works, here’s a look at 11 surprising facts you didn’t know about Stranger Things.

1. It was rejected at least 15 times before getting Netflix’s approval

Stranger Things - Netflix

Stranger Things - Netflix Stranger Things | Netflix

In an interview with Rolling Stone, creators Matt and Ross Duffer estimated that the show was rejected 15 to 20 times by various networks before finally landing at Netflix. Apparently, network executives couldn’t wrap their minds around a show that featured kids as leads, but wasn’t actually a children’s show.

The Duffers were told they’d have to choose one way or the other. Rolling Stone reported:

“You either gotta make it into a kids show or make it about this Hopper [detective] character investigating paranormal activity around town,” one [network executive] told them. Matt recalls replying, “Then we lose everything interesting about the show.”