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19 Resolutions That Are Completely Manageable For 2k16!

Its high time to take resolutions because new year is knocking the door. Every year each of us take resolutions but no one sticks to it. Due to our busy schedule or whatever the reasons may be, not all of us complete the resolutions we make!  So, why not make such resolutions that we can stick to.
So, here’s the list of some manageable goals which can easily be achieved this year!

1.Maintain a journal: Maintain a pretty journal and write, may be once a week whatever you wish to achieve. Write anything, whatever you want, write your heart out.

2. Party things: If you are a party person, go learn some trick like juggling or maybe opening a bottle of wine without corkscrew. Just be the way you want to be. May be totally insane.

3. Save money: Without getting bored finish the entire tube of face wash or lotion. So, be smart while purchasing so that you do not regret.

4 How about going a month without single selfie- In the world where people take selfies even in washrooms, go try this. This will be fun and super exciting.

5. Always carry lots of money in your wallet: Always keep your wallet full of money. You may need anytime, so why not be at the safe side.

6. Go without cellphone- Just give a thought! How about going for outing or for dinner without a cellphone? It will be good to spend quality time with people who matter without the distracting cellphone!!

7. Learn to cook- Cook for yourself, or maybe for loved ones. Learn any new thing and try it. Whether you like it or not. Just give it a try.

8. Try different cuisines- If you are a foodie, try all kinds of food you always wanted to.

9. Plan out holidays: Plan out holidays with friends at least once in two months. Explore the world and see try out different things.
10. Know how to use Emoji: Learn what exactly all emoji means, where to use, how to use etc.

11. Use of credit cards: Promise yourself to make proper use of credit card, not wasting money on things which are not necessary.

12. Promise to sleep after washing face- Be sensitive regarding your skin. Face, the most sensitive part of human body needs to be cared. So make sure you don’t cause any harm to it.

13.Check the smoke detectors at your house.
Show concern and care regarding your family members. They are important, and show them that you actually care.

14.Why not take stairs instead of escalators.
Keep yourself healthy, no one is saying you to go to gym and workout. Just avoid escalators when they are overcrowded.

15.Be the reason for someone’s smile.
Make sure you make smile at least one person. Just be the reason for someone’s happiness.

16.How about being more responsible: Be responsible and take care of your passports, driving license. Keep a check whether it is up to date.

17. Notice sunrise and other natural things, don’t snapchat or Instagram it.
Don’t just Instagram things. Notice it and enjoy the natural beauties. And you’ll realize how beautiful things are.

18. Share your feelings with people directly not through WhatsApp status.: It is better to share with people what and how you feel. Don’t just put up a status. If you are upset or angry share with your loved ones.

19.And don’t make your resolutions public. No one is interested: It’s useless making your resolutions public because seriously no one gives a damn to it. Everyone is busy in their own life so what’s the need to make it public?

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